EDG Case Study:

Sidewalk Construction on East Street

new sidewalk construction next to a crosswalk

The City of Vestavia requested that Engineering Design Group (EDG) provide survey, conceptual planning, and civil engineering services for a sidewalk construction project along an existing city street- East Street. This project was especially important to the city due to the high traffic volumes going to and from Rathmell Sports Park. The sidewalk was intended to provide a dedicated walking path as well as providing a measure of the traffic calming on the street. 

Project Details

City of Vestavia Hills; Christopher Brady, City Engineer
EDG Team Member
Ethan Fisher, EDG Project Engineer
Project Location
East Street, City of Vestavia Hills
Project Date
June 2020

Work Undertaken

EDG’s civil department provided conceptual planning and civil engineering services for this project. This included the horizontal layout of the sidewalk as well as the grading and drainage design for the project. This involved critical considerations for incorporating existing stormwater infrastructure into the design and providing an ADA compliant product for the City of Vestavia Hill and also the public.

Key Results

The project, once complete, supplied a walkable path from the intersection of White Oak Drive and East Street to the entrance of Rathmell Sports Park. The 3,309 foot sidewalk project provided increased connectivity for the public in line with the city’s long range sidewalk master plan.

Customer Response

This project has added a critical infrastructure component to the roadway to meet the concerns of the residents, providing a safe walkable path for residents and park visitors. While it presented numerous challenges to retrofit this improvement along the existing roadway and within public right-of-way, EDG’s experienced survey and design team greatly contributed to a successful project.