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mixed-use buildings downtown and people crossing the street

The Best Benefits of Mixed-Use Buildings

The concept of mixed-use buildings is not new, but its popularity has ebbed and flowed throughout the centuries. Most recently, the concept of living, working, shopping, and socializing all within a small geographical area has once again been revived. Let’s

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group of civil engineers on top of a building at a construction site

Careers in Civil Engineering

Are you considering a career in civil engineering? If you are looking for something that is a long-term career, requires a very specific skillset, and is future-proof, then civil engineering could be the right job for you! Civil Engineering This

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surveyors and engineers working together on a construction site

How Surveyors and Engineers Work Together

During a construction project, you may often see both a surveyor and engineer present. While they have two separate jobs, they work very closely together when it comes to construction. However, it might be difficult to outline their differing responsibilities

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