Top 5 Reasons You Need a Professional Land Survey

professional land survey equipment in front of new construction site

When do I need a land survey? Both commercial and residential property owners may find instances where they need to have a land survey performed. Let’s discuss some common situations where a professional land survey is recommended and/or required. 

New Construction or Improvements

Many city or county building codes require a land survey before beginning new construction on the land, building additions, or adding improvements to the existing property. Before undertaking any large building project, it is best to find out if a professional land survey is needed. 

Dividing Land

If you own a large plot of land and wish to divide it into smaller parcels or subdivisions, a professional land survey will need to be completed. This survey ensures that the land is divided in accordance with local zoning laws and regulations. 

Selling Land

When selling land, having a survey completed will give the potential buyer a wealth of information about the property. A professional land survey will also give the buyer more confidence in the purchase. 

Buying Land

Before purchasing land, it is important to have a professional land survey completed. This ensures that you know exactly where the property lines are located and the exact acreage of the land you are purchasing. Negotiations with the seller could include the payment for the professional land survey. 

Resolutions to Property Line Conflict

When it comes to neighbors and neighboring businesses, the knowledge of property lines can be a touchy subject. Conflicts can escalate quickly, but having a survey completed by a licensed surveyor can solve any conflicts. You will have confidence knowing exactly where your property line begins and ends and can settle conflicts according to local laws. 

The Importance of a Professional Land Surveyor

No matter your reason for need having a land survey done, it is important to have one completed by a professional and licensed surveyor. EDG can perform a wide variety of surveys. If you have a need for any kind of land survey, contact us today to get the process started.