Fence Installation and Land Surveying

result of white picket fence installation

Are you working to figure out the best way to do a fence installation on your property? Involving a professional land surveyor is a must in the process! Fence installers might can offer you some wisdom in the boundaries of where your fence can go, but ultimately, they won’t know the exact points. Involving a surveyor will ensure that you don’t have to re-do a job later on. There are many variables that go into installing a fence and considering the property line is definitely one that you want to pay attention to.

Determining You Property Lines for fence installation

As we have discussed before, you can’t determine property lines on your own. Owners, neighbors, or realtors might have an idea, but you don’t want to just go off of guesses. Professional land surveyors can use their knowledge and resources to make exact calculations on your property lines. It is critical to have this accurate information before you set your fence post. It’s a much more difficult issue to deal with once the posts are in the ground!

Consequences of Ignoring Property Lines during fence installation

If you place a fence that encroaches on your neighbor’s property, you run the risk of being sued, receiving a fine, or just left with the job that comes along with removing and reinstalling the fence in the proper place. Wherever your fence was also means that you might have placed other yard items accordingly, which means you would have to relocate those things as well. This is a headache that you can avoid if you choose to preemptively hire a land surveyor before you place a fence.

Work with a Professional Surveyor

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