How To Handle Conflicting Boundaries

closeup of grassy yard in front of a home displaying the concept of conflicting boundaries

Conflicting boundaries causing land disputes are relatively common among neighbors, especially if there has been a recent change in property ownership. Many times, conflict can arise between neighbors who are trying to determine who is to maintain a previously placed fence, who should be responsible for the maintenance of the land, or simply where the property begins and ends.

In order to avoid any further and unnecessary conflict, it is important to have professional help to determine the exact boundary lines. Hiring a professional land surveyor to perform a boundary survey is one of the best ways to settle these disputes. This will allow you to have a clear map of exactly where the property lines lie.

How Can a Land Surveyor Help With Conflicting Boundaries?

Professional surveyors have the tools and ability to perform measurements to draw out the specific boundary lines and present critical evidence of the property lines. They will be able to look at the property as described in the description of the boundary included in the deed to determine their interpretation of where the property lines are, and if those conflict with the interpretation of the neighbor. It is important during these times not to take an educated guess, but to have a professional interpret the lines correctly of the conflicting boundaries.

A land surveyor will mark the property to show a clear idea of whether you are your neighbor are encroaching upon each other’s land. If a discrepancy exists a surveyor can advise you on remedies. Having an official land survey can be an important bargaining or mediation tool in order to reach an agreement on the boundaries between 2 parcels of land and to avoid any future conflict. 

What Steps to Take Should I Take To Resolve Conflicting Boundaries?

During a time of conflicting boundary lines, it is important to always remain civil. Many times, with the help of a land surveyor, neighbors can resolve any conflict they might have over land boundaries. Getting clear, exact answers from a professional are the best first steps to take in this process in order to determine what needs to come next to resolve any encroachments if they exist.

In the case that the dispute cannot be ended solely from a land surveyor, the next step might be to take the case to the courts where a judge can officially determine the property lines. Though the land survey itself might not be the legal determination of the land, land surveyors can testify as expert witnesses, if they agree to do so.

If you are in a land dispute over conflicting boundaries or have questions about how to determine property lines, contact our team at EDG. We will be more than happy to answer your questions and help you in any way that we can.