Basic Guide to Vegetation Surveying

aerial view of vegetation surveying

When put to the task of surveying land, some traditional surveying methods require the measurement of the terrain covered by thick vegetation. Another kind of surveying, known as vegetation surveying, is unique in that it actually looks specifically at the vegetation of a location and not just the landscape. It can best be summed up as the mapping of plant habitats. 

Vegetation surveying is used most often in earth-science industries and by professionals like environmentalists and botanists. It can be a valuable tool in determining a type of plant, as well as its density and location. Unlike other methods, vegetation surveys depict rougher boundaries as opposed to straight lines and clear edges. As one might imagine, working in thick vegetation presents a unique set of challenges.

Challenges in Vegetation Surveying 

The covering of thick vegetation can lead to difficulties when surveying land. Not only are there often large trees and obstructions in the way, but it can also be very challenging to get the traditional equipment where it needs to be. Ponds, streams, hills, and other man-made features are all wonderful, but they can cause a real headache for a land surveyor. Because of this, surveyors have come up with some creative ways around these challenges to get the job done efficiently and effectively. 

Overcoming the Obstacles in Vegetation Surveying

There are a variety of methods and techniques used in order to survey land covered in trees, bushes, and other plants. One of those methods includes measuring with aerial techniques or using a surveyor’s transit to measure the height of vegetation and lay a grid of the terrain. Once that has been done, other surveying teams can then go back and use the same grid to measure any changes that occur among the vegetation and land. 

Whether you are navigating how to survey land that is overgrown with vegetation and obstacles, or you are surveying the vegetation itself, there is a way to complete the job with precision and accuracy. 

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