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sold sign above a for sale sign in front of land

The Purpose of a Mortgage Survey

When purchasing real estate, a mortgage survey is often required. What is the purpose of a mortgage survey? Let us explain.  What is a Mortgage Survey? A mortgage survey is a comprehensive report of all the details of the property

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land survey equipment in front of new construction

When Do I Need A Land Survey?

When do I need a land survey? Both commercial and residential property owners may find instances where they need a land survey performed. Let’s discuss some common situations where a land survey is recommended and/or required.  New Construction or Improvements

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An Introduction to Easements

The legal definition of an easement is the legal right to use another’s land for a specific limited purpose. When someone is granted an easement, they are given the legal right to use the property for whatever stated purpose, but

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Common Ground Areas

Encroachment is a term often used in the world of land surveying. What exactly does it mean? Essentially, encroachment is surpassing property boundary lines and encroaching on someone else’s property without permission. Oftentimes encroachment is an issue in subdivision and

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First Time Homebuyers and Land Surveys

The process of purchasing your very first home can be quite overwhelming. There are so many things to consider. Many times, homebuyers forget to include obtaining a current and accurate survey to their checklist.   Just as you get an

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Surveying Land with Vegetation

When put to the task of surveying land, some traditional surveying methods require the measurement of the terrain covered by thick vegetation. Another kind of surveying, known as vegetation surveying, is unique in that it actually looks specifically at the

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fence installation

Fence Installation and Land Surveying

Are you working to figure out the best way to do a fence installation on your property? Involving a professional land surveyor is a must in the process! Fence installers might can offer you some wisdom in the boundaries of

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surveyors and engineers

How Surveyors and Engineers Work Together

During a construction project you may often see both a surveyor and engineer present. While they have two separate jobs, they work very closely together when it comes to construction. However, it might be difficult to delineate their differing responsibilities

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conflicting boundaries

How To Handle Conflicting Boundaries

Land disputes are relatively common, especially if there has been a recent change in property ownership. Many times, conflict can arise between neighbors who are trying to determine who is to maintain a previously placed fence, who should be responsible for the maintenance of the land, or simply where the property begins and ends.

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aerial view - myths about land surveying

Myths About Land Surveying

Land surveying is the technique, profession, and science of accurately determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional position of points and the distances and angles between them. These points on the surface of the Earth are used to establish land maps and boundaries for ownerships, locations or other governmentally required or civil law purposes. This field is complex and can be difficult to understand, and therefore there are several myths about land surveying that exist.

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